2007-04-14 About the co-operation between Foreign department and SÄPO (Swedish Secret agency)

Säpo and foreign department said that they co-operated to get an access to the prisoners. Fia has no details about this co-operation, but she says SÄPO was the first contact the other prisoners got. Exept for her, who first met the embassy.  She also says that the swedes were very happy to meet SÄPO! She was not guestioned by the SÄPO and  has no knowledge of the SÄPO guestioning the other swedish prisoners.

2007-04-12 Ethiopian TV has shown 8 detainees

Ethipian News Agency has shown a video of eight detainees. Fia comments: "Ok, great, if they suddenly gained back their humanrights then those who are suspected should be allowed to get a lawyer of their own choice, and everybody should meet their embassy and be able to call their families - and all those who are not suspected should at once be allowed to come home as a crucial part of having human rights is to not be detained - as we were for more than two months - without being suspected for anything. So I expect my fiancee to call me immediately - or that I am given a phonenumber to call to immediately - and that he takes the next flight home! Only then I believe he has his humanrights back.

The tv-show gets even less credible when you hear the detained children screaming in the background while the men are being interviewed."

2007-04-10 Statement from Ethiopia

Ethiopia says that there are 41 detainees and 29 of them are going to be released, They also say that the detainees were "allowed to appear before the relevant court of law, in this instance before the competent Military Court." Read the statement here >

Fia knows there were 11 women and 11 children at the concentrationcamp. And the military court that the ethiopian talk about was quite a farce. It was also on this occasion she saw the marks of torture on Monirs body.  Read here what Fia says about it >

2007-04-05 A contact with one of the other detainees

Thanks to this webpaige have we now got a contact with one of the women, Kamiliya, who was detained with Fia. She had never before been to Somalia, and was sent there first time in her life from Nairobi to Mogadishu together with Fia, backbound. She even had a valid visa in Kenya. This is just one of the examples how bad the kenyan dealed with this matter and how many misstakes, actually crimes against many international laws, were done by the kenyans.

2007-04-01 Fia is thinking about her little namesake

Fia is thinking about her little namesake in Ethiopia. The little 7 monhts old baby Safia, whose dad is swedish Othman from Rinkeby and mum a somalian woman. Some kind of american expert. called Tim, whom they had flown there took the babys DNA from her salive, her fingerprints and picture to keep it in their register in case she would some day do any crime. Same DNA tests and fingerprints and pictures were taken of everybody. Children, women, men. All exept the ethiopian citizens.  Is that allowed at all? is her guestion.

2007-03-30 Fia is tired and worried about those who are left in Ethiopia

We spent most of yesterday at the hospital, for different tests. She fell asleep on the bunk - and woke up with a jerk when two male nurses were talking loudly outside the room. " Oh no, I thought i was in Ethiopia and that those men were soldiers. Its almost weird that i can go home and that the soldiers are not here to take me somewhere again."

Fia is very worried about those who are left in Ethiopia. And most of all about her fiancee. Its so hard to not know how he is and what happens to him now. She feels guilt about that she is safe and can eat and drink what and whenever she wants. She can go and come as and where she wants and she is not sitting in a cage as he is. She can talk to her family. Those who are there are not, and their relatives dont know if they are dead or alive. She knows how it feels to know that your family is worried about you and you cannot contact them. She cant understand how a person can be isolated from the whole world without even being accused for anything at all. There were two etiophian soldiers who helped the detainees to call their families, and they are also in prison now. She cant understand why children and pregnant women are detained. She thought she would find help and symphaty in Kenya - and she was sent back to a war together with 11 children and 11 women.

It was like a concentrationcamp and I felt like I was Anne Frank when I wrote my diary on toiletpaper, she says. She even made a little calendar to not to forget what day it was.

2007-03-28, by noon: Fia is at home!

We sit and chat. She tells a little about what happened to her.

She is exhausted. Her face is yellow. She is 10 kg thinner than before she left. Her muscles have withered away because she was not allowed to exercise, but was sitting inlocked in her cell.They did not let her go to toilet when she needed so she was in pain and when she complained about her pain they hit her.  She has a big scar in her arm, after an insect bite that had got infected. They said they would let her see a doc for that but hey never did.  She has not been object to sexual violence. 

She tells the swedes were those who had it worst. But then suddenly last week they started to treat the prisoners better. She thinks that maybe because the media has critizised Ethiopia.

I still cant believe she is at home sitting there at our kitchentable reading a little poem written to me on february the 20th on a piece of toiletpaper with a pen she borrowed from another detainee.

2007-03-28, at night: Fia is coming home!  

According to a sudden and shocking phonecall from Foreign Ministry, twelve and thirty at night: she is coming home tomorrow by noon. Its hard to believe!

I will discuss with her if this webpaige would be published or not. I would like to do it, as I know by now that she is not the only child who was sent to a concentrationcamp by ethiopians and their more powerfull allies.

I know nothing yet about her fiancee - or about other swedish detainees. They are obviously still incommunicado.